Sunday, October 17, 2010

Walk for the Homeless

The United Way's annual Walk for the Homeless was held today throughout downtown Greenville. Thousands rallied together to walk 4 miles along the routes that our local homeless must travel day in and day out to get to the help they need. It was a beautiful fall day for the walk with groups cheering, encouraging one another, and joining together in fellowship for a greater purpose.
The walk began at Flour Field and took us on a trek through downtown neighborhoods, Falls Park, the Swamp Rabbit Trail, through the West End and back to the field for fruit, water, and ice cream! Many teams throughout the Greenville area- businesses, churches, and individual groups- raised money to help benefit the United Way and their efforts.
This walk was a great opportunity to see the city and understand what lower income and homeless families contend with on a daily basis. We passes many who cheered us on and shouted our their thanks which was a reminder, when those legs were burning, at what this walk was all about. Walking through the center of Greenville, by the thousands, all for one purpose, was a great way to showcase what change can be made and what care is within our community for a growing problem- a reality that many are without food, without shelter, without jobs, and without the warmth of having security.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mice on Main

Let me start this story by expressing my humor at the looks I received while downtown taking picture after picture of these little mice alone Main St.! I'm sure it was amusing.
Mice on Main is a great way to learn more about downtown and one of the many free activities in and around downtown Greenville. The little bronze mice are scattered along both sides of Main Street from the Hyatt to the Westin Poinsett Hotel. There are 9 clues that can be found here. While out looking for the mice you will become familiar with the sights and sounds of downtown Greenville...maybe even an aroma or two from the local restaurants! But beware- these little critters are easy to miss so keep your eyes open.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lewis Plaza

Lewis Plaza is the first shopping center in Greenville, built in 1948. Located in the 1700 block of Augusta Rd., this historic shopping center offers various shopping venues from antiques to clothing boutiques to jewelry. For those of you who are not familiar with Augusta Rd., this an area filled with charming historic houses, shops, and restaurants, all of which are within walking distance. Lewis Plaza is a must visit for a unique shopping experience. You won't be disappointed!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

USA Cycling Pro Championships

The USA Cycling Pro Championships were held in Greenville today and the race was intense! The 112 mile course looped through the downtown area, Cleveland Park, North Main, and Paris Mountain. Fans lined up along the path to cheer on the cyclist, while downtown hosted events for families and cycling related retail booths. George Hincapie, Greenville's very own "Hometown Hero" (as I've heard him called) has won this event in years past. However, this year Ben King, a Trek Livestrong team member, takes the title. Cycling enthusiast crowded downtown to get a glimpse of the future of cycling, and the picture looks promising! This is definitely an event worth experiencing so we look forward to seeing you next year.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Campbell's Covered Bridge

Built in 1909, Cambell's Bridge is the last remaining covered bridge in South Carolina. Realizing that this treasure alluded me for my entire life growing up in Greenville, I decided it was time to take the journey to find out what this bridge was really like. Having seen pictures and paintings of the bridge in local businesses, I knew it would be worth the 20 minute drive to northern Greenville County. Not only did I get to see this beautiful masterpiece for the first time, but I also saw North Greenville College for the very first time and was impressed at the beauty of the campus. I will definitely make my way back to explore the school further.

The drive to Campbell's Covered Bridge is a scenic two lane country road weaving you in and out of the foothills. There are plenty of signs along the route to help guide you, as the bridge is located some distance off the main road. There is plenty of parking and the area around the bridge has been transformed into a quaint and quiet retreat to relax and enjoy nature. As you walk up to the bridge itself, it's clear how fragile the structure once was, but as soon as your approach nears it becomes clear that the bridge has made it more than one hundred years for a reason- it's solid. You can walk through it, following paths that are nature trails. A steady stream flows beneath the bridge with plenty of rocks for the kids to play and various miniature waterfalls creating the perfect nature sounds.

This visit is perfect for fall weather and I highly recommend it as a place to gain a sense of history and importance of Greenville, SC.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Running of the Dogs

If you haven't been to the dog park located on the edge of Cleveland Park, you must do so soon. Living in an area where my dog is constantly leashed, I thought it would be nice to take him to an area where he can run free. As you walk up to the entrance gates of the dog park, you quickly realize that once you are in, there is no turning back. The dogs inside all run in one giant pack to meet and greet you and your best friend. Having a dog who has proven to be an escape artist, I was a little worried about the security of the gated area. I quickly realized that in order to get in the park at all, there are many security measures, in the form of gated areas, to get through first. No dog was escaping this place.
Once inside there are swings for relaxing as your dog has play time. The dog park sits on the edge of the river and the walking path for the park. It's very shaded with parking close by. It was so nice to sit back and watch as my dog socialized with others. He doesn't get that opportunity often. The dogs quickly learn their pecking order and from there they run, play, and try to keep you involved in their excitement. There is a water fountain that provides drinking water at their level and they take turns running to get a drink and getting back into the action. By the time we left the dog park, my buddy was wiped out! What a great place to go to exercise his mind and body!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not Your Average Pizza

Frodo's is not your average pizza. For about $10 you can get a medium pizza that far exceeds the taste and quality of any pizza I've had to date. Not only is the pizza delicious, but the restaurant itself is very quaint and welcoming. As you enter the doors to this "shack" of sorts, it's dark wood booths full of carvings from young people of years passed, pictures with autographs that tell stories of all that Frodo's has seen come through the doors, and the television playing the sports channel all provide a sense of history- if a pizza place can provide a history? There are nooks with tucked away booths for an intimate meal and more nooks with video games dinging and binging as little ones entertain themselves while the adults socialize. The environment is very fitting for a family night out or a group gathering for some great pizza and beer. This unsuspecting pizza joint is located on S. Pleasantburg across from Greenville Tech. I highly recommend it!